ELIASElias has showed up to a grand total of ZERO days of filming.

Adobe is Coming!

Okay, so as you all know we are not a normal crew. We are a silent film and we do not even use Final Cut Pro. we are using Adobe Premiere. AHHHH! We received our site license, which means the program itself will soon be on our (new) computers! We are truly the black sheep crew this year, as we stand apart from everyone else. We can’t wait to get our new program so we can finally start to learn how to use this completely foreign program. It may take a bit, but rest assured Plum will pull through! Mike is currently at Wal-Mart buying necessary props and costume pieces while we are here scheduling our second day of shooting! Well, we must be off. Goodbye, ardent Plum followers!

Must be a Plum thing.

Throwin' the Gang Signs