Day One!!

Hello Plum followers!! Very exciting news!!!! Like HUGE news. We started filming today. Woohoo! Day one of filming. The process has begun. The new computers should be coming in today. Also we are not a traditional crew, we are using Adobe Premiere. WOAH! Today an idea sparked in Director RT’s mind that he can make as much noise as he wants to on set because as you know we are a silent movie. For all those who celebrate Christmas have a merry one, and for those who celebrate a different holiday have a great one. Also have a happy new year as we are looking forward to more shooting in 2013.Photo on 2012-12-19 at 09.41Must be a Plum thing!


p.s My blogging skills are getting better. At least that’s what i think.


Hello avid Plum followers!

We are hard at work over here at the Plum station, storyboarding and whatnot. Also, RT got distracted and made this:

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 1.46.58 PM

Mike is very hard at work with the storyboards, and RT just needed to feel productive. So we gave him this menial task. Good work RT. We don’t want to be a bore, so we will keep this short! We are starting filming on Wednesday, jumping right into our film! We hope you all have a merry (insert holiday of choice), and a happy New Year!

Must be a Plum thing.

-Plum Crew

Let the Games Begin.

Well.  It’s here.  The fruit wars.  jackfruit, #1 enemy.  Now let me tell you a little story of how this war began.  Yesterday, I was here after school.  I was quietly working on our Storyboards (which we are further along with than jackfruit) when I got up for a second.  jackfruit (specifically Doug, for those of you who were wondering) took plum’s vulnerable binder.  Representing plum, I nicely asked them to retrieve said binder.  They refused.  They then reminded me of the ludicrous definition of the word plum, which is not one to be proud of.  Being a proud plum, I defended our honor with the following tweet: “Silly jackfruit, rewriting their entire screenplay at the last second because they realized they don’t stand a chance against our silent film.”  Very true.  Very true, indeed.  jackfruit then attempted to defend themselves with a myriad of pathetic insults, none of which made any sense.  Must be a jackfruit thing.  That brings up another point.  When I fist said “Must be a jackfruit thing” Doug announced “Thats good!  I’m gonna use that!”  Jokes on you Doug, Plum has been saying that for years now.  Just look at the end of any of our blogs.  Using what I have to work with, I looked up the definition of “jack” (as you may or may not know “jackfruit” isn’t important enough to have any synonyms).  Jack: to take illicitly, steal.  Weird how that worked out, with jackfruit stealing plum’s signature motto.  They’re simply not creative enough to come up with their own.  As I write this blog I can hear the dysfunctional jackfruit arguing “THAT’S NOT HAPPENING!”  “WE’RE NOT GOING TO RICOS”  It’s a shame, really.  We all know how dysfunctional crews’ movies suffer.  Not that they had much of a chance to begin with.  Well as much as I’d like to continue vituperating jackfruit, I have to finish up some storyboards.  By the way, jackfruit is behind on their storyboards and they’re rather sub-par at music trivs.  Must be a jackfruit thing.

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Must be a plum thing.

(P.S. I actually went back and uncapitalized the “J” in all ‘Jackfruit’s  because I refuse to acknowledge them as a real fruit.)
Photo on 12-13-12 at 8.17 AMPointing to jackfruit as they don’t do any work^


Photo on 12-11-12 at 2.53 PM #2Today we saw a dog. Have you ever seen a dog? You probably have. Everything is coming along. Today we went to town and storyboarded the whole movie except for six scenes. We also saw a dog. We have had our art direction meeting and are almost ready to start shooting. We are doing pretty well at music trivs. (at least that’s my opinion). hey you! yea you! not you. but YOU reading this blog follow Plum on instagram. It is the same as our twitter but if you don’t know it, it is @whsplumcrew.

-Erin LeBlanc

P.S. We found a plum marker.