Huge Plum News

Big Big Big news from the desk of plum. The Hall Monitor is going to be a silent film. Thats right. A silent film. We’re making film festival history here. Now I’m keeping this short because we have a LOT of work to do with rewrites and whatnot. So get excited folks. Plum is making our mark this year. Must be a Plum thing.

The Return of Penelope

So I was sitting here after school when I realized that I made no mention of Penelope in the first blog, so here she is.  She has been here since the beginning and will be here till the end. McKeon has recently found that Penelope also dressed up for Halloween.  So here she is:
She looks great, right?

Must be a plum thing.

Plum 4.0

Well, its the crew you’ve all been waiting for, Plum 4.0.  Thats right folks, this is the fourth generation of plum.  McKeon and Elias carry the plum torch with new members R.T. Hardiman, Cassidy Andrews, and Erin Leblanc.  This time McKeon steps up as director with Hardiman (who is in his second year directing) while Erin shows her stuff as assistant director and Cassidy makes her film debut as art director.  Elias will return as an actor, this time in a starring role, with McKeon as his co-star.  Eric Folan will also be helping us out this year and has already made some really great suggestions.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, what kind of CRAZY secret is plum hiding?  Well, this secret certainly does NOT deal with the Anti-monitor and is NOT given away in the script… or is it?  Are we leading you in the wrong direction?  Are we trying to trick you?  Is this reverse-psycology?  I don’t know.  Make your predictions, because this secret needs some investigation.  On another note, we just finished our vision (literally seconds ago) and now its time to start shot-listing. Making movies, not excuses.

Must be a Plum thing.